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Hyper is a new type of agency, focused on the data science behind personalisation

We use data science and technology to help businesses decode their customer DNA and deliver hyper personalisation strategies.


Our intelligent solutions enable businesses to deliver relevant experiences to consumers and intelligently personalise every touch-point across the customer journey.


What We Do
Personalisation & Data Strategy

Through our strategic development framework, we help businesses to prioritise the customer data initiatives that deliver the biggest gains and quick wins.

Data Science & Machine Learning

We are experts in applying advanced analytics and machine learning & AI to the complexities of customer data whilst being fully focused on the commercial impact.

Technology & Solutions

We develop real-time personalisation  solutions using proprietary affinity based techniques, either utilising your existing technology stack, or delivered through our own SaaS based platform.

With Strong Partnership Principles

Embedded Expertise

We immerse our people in your business so we can truly appreciate the challenges you face, how you like to work, and can respond rapidly when you need them.

Bespoke Solutions

We mould our analytics and solutions around your business, processes, teams and infrastructure – not the other way round. We have extensive expertise across many big data technologies, coding languages and applications.

Truly Multi-Disciplinary

We marry business understanding gained in multiple industries with analytical expertise from the worlds of big data, machine learning & AI, visualisation and technology.

Right People For The Job

We draw on a pool of expert data scientists, technologists and insight professionals with the required skills and experience for each individual project. We never try to fit an individual to a project that requires a different skill-set.

Our areas of expertise


We help businesses to develop customer data and personalisation strategies utilising the vast amount of data that businesses are collecting. Our framework helps to identify the why, how and what behind any successful strategy.


Understanding in-moment consumer need-states enables truly personalised experiences.  Our intelligent Next Best Action solutions deliver recommendations in real-time to drive customer engagement.


The consumer route to purchase is a complex one across omni-channel environments.  We help businesses understand customer journey’s, connect their customer’s footprint and deliver personalised experience solutions.


We use affinity analytics and machine learning to determine the relationships between, customers, products, categories or web-pages visited.  These techniques enable you to personalise assortment or recommendations across any channel.


We help businesses to optimise pricing decisions within every customer need state to drive footfall, sales and profit.  Our dynamic, demand based solutions deliver customer centric pricing that benefits businesses and their customers.



At Hyper we focus on the data science behind hyper personalisation, everything we do is under-pinned by analytics, machine learning and AI combined with world leading technology. Our proprietary techniques, incorporating affinity analytics, attribution and collaborative filtering, allow us to connect customer data across the journey and deliver real-time applications for our clients.  This is our Hyper DNA


Why Personalise?

Why personalise?

Consumers will gravitate towards brands that reflect their behaviour back to them in an engaging and relevant way. Those businesses that focus technology and data innovation on Personalisation will have a better chance to succeed in this data rich, multi-channel world.

Empathy is the key to personalisation success, businesses need to walk in their customer’s shoes and connecting data through the customer journey whilst applying intelligent analytics enables this to happen.

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Figures below taken from research undertaken by Hyper. Based on top 20% performing UK Retailers innovating in personalisation, scored by a panel of 5,000 consumers.

Increase In Advocacy
Increase In Loyalty
Revenue Growth
Better Experience


Through their data science expertise and retail optimisation toolset, Hyper are helping Studio to deliver against our goal of data led transformation. We find Hyper to be highly skilled and very pragmatic in their approach to using data science to solve genuine commercial challenges and improving customer experience

Ed ChildHead of Enterprise Data, Studio Retail

Hyper have proven an essential partner to Beaverbrooks. Demonstrating strong technical skills, empathy and clear enthusiasm to support our goals of using data and insight to deliver truly engaging and memorable customer experiences.

Charlotte LordMarketing Manager, Beaverbrooks

We selected Hyper to develop a dynamic pricing platform allowing our business to better react to market conditions and provide the best possible price we could to our customers. Hyper's understanding of our business was evident from the start of our relationship, we also felt they were a great cultural fit. The decision to make Hyper a strategic partner was a unanimous one.

Director, Major Travel Company

Damon Bryan

Director - Data Science

Damon has many years experience leading data science teams within customer and marketing functions as well as owning and running businesses. His role is to lead all things analytical through intelligent use of your data.

Adam Barrowcliff

Director - Technology

Adam has an extensive background in developing technology solutions for businesses with cutting edge tools and analytics. He manages all aspects of the technology deployment, solution development and implementation for our clients.

Peter Denby

Director - Business Growth

Peter has extensive experience delivering commercial value through data driven solutions both client and agency side. His role is to identify and execute on growth opportunities for Hyper and their clients.

Thomas Hill

Director - Strategy

Tom has spent most of his career merging data insight & strategy across senior roles in retail, including Walmart & Shop Direct. He oversees the strategic direction & commercial impact of our solutions within your organisation.

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