Hyper Mission:
To enable unified, customer-led decisions, driven by affinity analytics & AI

Hyper was created to make decision intelligence
accessible to retailers and brands.

We’re experts at
bringing data to life

We create cutting edge
technology solutions

Everything we do is focused on helping our clients

Our culture is open,
honest and innovative

Hyper was born in Leeds after our founders became increasingly frustrated with the technology and services available to retailers and brands to understand their customers and make intelligent, data-led decisions. We had first-hand knowledge through our experience working in leading consumer, data, analytics, and technology companies.

As users of retail analytics software and data we found the tools on offer slow and difficult to use. The speed to insight from data was far too long for the increasingly demanding retail landscape. We’d also been told by the CTO of one of the world’s leading consumer businesses that the market leader’s offering is “a big expensive mess”. This convinced us we had the opportunity to make a difference!

Hyper was established to help retailers and brands use advanced analytics to understand customer and product relationships, and make unified, customer led decisions, with the insight they uncover.

We’re more than just a software company

Our client partnerships are built with strong principles.

We immerse our people in your business so we can truly appreciate the challenges you face, how you like to work, and can respond rapidly when you need them.

We strive to create a culture that recognises and rewards openness, empowerment, hard work and technical excellence. Our clients are our number one focus. Helping them achieve their professional goals is paramount and serves as a focal point for everything we do.

We want to make data science available to any business user, in any retailer or brand, not just technical experts. In other words, we’ve designed something that we would have loved to be available when we walked in our clients’ shoes!

Working with Hyper

Big Data &
Analytics Strategy

Fundamental to achieving strong business growth is selecting a winning strategy. Hyper excel at helping devise and implement a customer first strategy, enabled by data and analytics.

Capability assessment to understand existing data, technology, skills and culture.

Actionable strategy and roadmap creation to help you reach your goals.

Implement decision intelligence frameworks to help embed analytics throughout your organisation.

Applied Data Science
& Building Capability

Hyper are specialists in using data science to solve crucial business problems. With extensive experience across multiple sectors, we work with you to truly understand your business and deliver tangible improvements to your performance.

We use a range of cutting-edge data science and machine learning techniques to uncover hidden insight in your data, to facilitate more intelligent, customer led decision making.

Embed analytics at the point marketing, merchandising and supply decisions are made.

Bring data and insight to life through rich, visual business intelligence dashboards and reports.

Analytics Platform

For too long data science has been the domain of only highly technical specialists, meaning value is trapped within businesses. HyperFinity changes this, making cutting edge analytics and decision intelligence accessible to any business user.

Affinity analytics, attribution and customer need states to uncover insight and power decision making.

Highly accessible user interface to put customer insight and decision making in the hands of business domain experts.

Huge processing power, leveraging modern cloud computing.

Our leadership team

Damon Bryan

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Damon has many years experience creating cutting edge technology solutions with data science and embedded analytics at the core. Damon has extensive expertise across data science, big data, cloud computing, machine learning & AI and UX design.

Adam Barrowcliff

Co-Founder & Chief Analytics Officer

Adam has many years experience leading data science and analytics teams within customer, marketing and merchandising functions. He leads and mobilises Hyper's team of expert data scientists and consultants to deliver cutting-edge client solutions

Peter Denby

Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer

Peter has extensive experience delivering commercial value through data driven solutions both client and agency side. His role is to identify and execute on growth opportunities for Hyper and their clients.

Thomas Hill

Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer

Tom has spent most of his career merging data insight & strategy across senior roles in retail, including Walmart & Shop Direct. He oversees the strategic direction & commercial impact of our solutions within your organisation.

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