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A cutting-edge, customer data led approach to curating globalised, localised, or personalised product ranges. Optimise commercially focused assortment and merchandising decisions through data science.

What we do and the problems we solve

The right product, at the right time in the right place has never been more crucial in the current retail landscape. Retailers need to be able to adapt and optimise assortment to be as competitive as possible and speed of insight is key. Hyper solutions enable lighting fast, commercially actionable assortment decisions powered by affinity analytics.

Affinity Analytics

Understand the affinity, loyalty and substitutability of products across entire ranges at lightning quick speeds.

Customer Decision Trees

Understand shopper purchase journeys and create interactive customer decision trees to identify unmet needs or bloated ranges across categories.

Assortment Optimisation

Optimise existing ranges based on commercial objectives. Accurately simulate and forecast the true business and customer impact of your decisions

Affinity Analytics

Understand the deep relationships between products, to measure their affinity, substitutability and create detailed features and attributes.

Utilise both purchase and browse data to identify the relationships between all your products and how customers interact with them.

Create affinities at lightning speed across thousands of products and years of customer behavioural data.

Re-configure and recreate affinity calculations in seconds, augment with key business metrics and visualise clearly in the HyperFinity platform.

Customer Decision Trees

Utilise Machine Learning and AI to automatically create interactive Customer Decision Trees across all your categories at the click of a button. 

Products are intelligently clustered on their similarities based on how customers browse, interact and purchase them.

Decision trees are highly interactive allowing the user to trim nodes, merge, re-cluster and rename need states easily.

Combining decision trees with embedded analytics in one platform allows the user to fully understand how and why need-states have been created.

Assortment Optimisation

Make intelligent, data-led decisions about ranging and assortment across all of your categories. Accurately simulate and forecast endless scenarios at the click of a button.

Fully understand product demand transference across every need-state within every category.

Optimise ranges based on customer need-states, maximise customer reach and minimise sales cannibalisation.

Interactively simulate commercial range scenario's or utilise machine learning to automatically recommend optimal ranges based on any commercial parameter.

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