Uncover the deep relationships
between your customers & products

Understand hidden customer and product affinities, created detailed attributes and identify relevant customer need states & missions to drive personalised customer experiences.

What we do and the problems we solve

Recommendation and Personalisation Engines keep your most valuable Customer and Product Insights locked in black boxes and in siloed business processes. At Hyper we break down silos and put the customer at the heart of your business with cutting edge data science techniques across:


Hyper helps define the strength of relationships between your products and your customers. We free this data from the silo and embed in your decision making.


Product and customer attributes are a human way to describe the features relationships in your data. Auto attribute your products and drive smarter decisions.


Customer and click data-driven customer missions. Align your shop window to your customers needs and drive commercial results.

Affinity Analytics

Uncover the deep relationships between your products and customers using cutting edge affinity analysis techniques to:

Measure the browsing and purchasing relationships across your entire product set.

Understand the relationships and similarities between customers and products to power commercially focused recommendation engines.

Form the basis of affinity-based decision making to drive better customer experience and commercial growth.

Product Attributes

Utilise machine learning and AI techniques such as NLP and Computer Vision to create detailed attributes across your full product set. This enables your business to:

Apply a customer-centric lens to understand how your product is viewed by your customer.

Unlock insights into the product attributes that drive your commercial success.

Create the foundational capability in your business for customer need states, micro segmentations and personalised product recommendations.

Customer Need-States

Leverage Affinity and Attributes to map out the customer buying process and understand specific missions and need-states for each individual customer. This empowers you to:

Make the customer purchasing journey as engaging and as relevant as possible.

Form the basis for true one-to-one customer personalisation communication strategies.

Focus your new product development or highlight opportunities to streamline choice.

Create intelligence across
all of your customer and product decisions with

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