Maximise customer conversion & loyalty
through affinity based digital content strategies.

Increase customer conversion, engagement and loyalty across all your digital channels through deep customer and click behavioral analytics.

What we do and the problems we solve

Say goodbye to fragmented systems, data and decision making, with an omni-channel approach to personalising digital content strategies. Embed intelligent search, sort order and content across all channels and devices leveraging affinity analytics across customer and click data. Create rich attributes against your products, and understand historical and real-time customer interactions to deliver compelling content that drives conversion and engagement in session and throughout the digital customer journey.


Help customers find what they want faster in the endless aisle by curating personalised ranges unique to them.

Intelligent Search

Create intelligent search tools presenting products based on attributes that appeal to the individual and their current mission.

AI Powered Content

Automatically create AI powered digital content to maximise customer conversion and engagement.

Curated Range

Drive relevance and conversion in fewer clicks through affinity-based product recommendations. Put an end to the endless aisle with curated ranges personalised to the customer based on rich product attributes and need-states.

Affinity-based product sort order optimisation.

Personalised Next Best Product aligned to missions and need-states.

Recommendations based on customer, product and need-state affinity algorithms.

Intelligent Search

Enhance your search results using rich attributes that describe products through a customer lens and apply intelligent data driven AI to maximise the conversion of every search.

AI and Affinity driven product search results.

Customer mission and need-state generated search results

Create new product attributes driven by customer search terms.

AI Powered Content

Re-imagine and optimise every element of digital content site-wide and across digital assets through AI powered affinity-based intelligence.

Create customer-centric taxonomies, optimised for conversion.

Affinity driven product bundles and cross category assortment intelligence to create customer inspiration.

Create rich insight and intelligence through real-time A/B testing and automatic content optimisation.

Automate and unify your content decisions intelligently across channels and devices with HyperFinity. Fully transparent and configurable, you have control over what your customers see. HyperFinity seamlessly connects to downstream orchestration systems for simple execution and immediate results.

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