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Hyper and Snowflake partner to power customer led decisions for Studio Retail

By March 17, 2021May 5th, 2021Events

Snowflake Powers Hyper’s Data Science and AI Platform

Hyper are proud to have partnered with Snowflake, a business who hit the news recently as the biggest software IPO ever. Snowflake’s Data Cloud allows us to unify, analyse and act on customer data seamlessly and rapidly. Snowflake’s technology underpins Hyper’s own decision intelligence product, which uses data science and AI to help retailers make unified, customer led decisions.

Leveraging Snowflake’s processing power, we have brought customer and product decisions together in our tool, delivering a common language across buying, merchandising, and marketing, and providing a central decision engine that ends siloed personalisation across media, channels, and devices.




Data Science Informs Customer Led Decisions

A key milestone in our partnership with Snowflake was the creation of a data science incubator for Studio Retail Ltd. Studio are a thriving multi product, omni-channel retailer, who chose to work with Hyper to make data informed, customer led decisions across marketing and merchandising.




To celebrate this partnership, Snowflake and Hyper are hosting an Office Hours webinar on 20th April at 10am. We’ll be joined by Ed Child, Head of Enterprise Data at Studio, who will share his insights on their business challenges and how Hyper and Snowflake were able to help address them.

Customer Experience and Decision Intelligence Differentiate Leading Retailers

During the webinar we’ll also explore why customer experience is widely accepted as a key battleground for retail success. In fact, Harvard Business Review found that “customers who had the best past experiences spend 140% more than those who had the poorest” –

To enable great experiences, retailers need to truly understand their customers, then make co-ordinated, customer first decisions. However, the tools to allow this are sadly lacking. As McKinsey noted, “decisioning logic resides in individual, channel-based, black-box systems—or it does not exist at all, resulting in a disjointed experience for customers. No single platform today can fully serve as a centralised decisioning engine, despite claims to the contrary” –

Hyper exist to address this problem. In our webinar we’ll talk about why retailers have been underserved by traditional data and analytics technology. We’ll also explore how Hyper’s decision intelligence platform, powered by Snowflake, offers a step change in understanding customer behaviour, and needs, to power improved marketing, merchandising and supply chain decisions.

You can join the webinar using the following link.

Or to discuss how Hyper can use data science and AI to help your business understand its customers and optimise decision making, please contact




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