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HyperFinity is a powerful decision intelligence platform that easily connects your customer and product data, applies cutting edge machine learning and AI, and embeds interactive analytics and insight into all your strategic decision making.

A unified intelligence platform
that is easy to use.

Easily connect customer,
click & product data with powerful API’s

Apply machine learning
and AI at the click of a button

Make instant decisions and create powerful outputs through embedded analytics

Connect to downstream
systems to power personalisation and dynamic decision making

Accelerate decision making and business growth at hyper speed

Cutting edge data science and embedded analytics in one platform

At its core, HyperFinity performs powerful affinity analytics at lightning speed to automatically uncover deep relationships between your products and customers. Within the platform, the user can easily apply machine learning and AI at the click of a button to create detailed product attributes, cluster products based on their affinity and create interactive customer decision trees to identify key customer need states and missions.

The HyperFinity platform allows the user to apply cutting edge data science, visualise data and create insight using the embedded analytics engine and make instant decisions and create powerful outputs to automatically push to downstream systems such as CRM, CMS or ERP systems.

HyperFinity enables data-led
decisions across multiple areas.

Customer & Product
Create customer-led decisions based on deep product relationships, attributes and customer data.

Power assortment optimisation and curate personalised ranges across all channels.

Automate decisions and simulate the commercial impact of pricing and promotional strategies.

Create powerful outputs to drive personalisation and relevancy across all your communication channels

Enable dynamic content and optimise online customer journeys to maximise conversion and loyalty

Supply Chain
Make smarter decisions to optimise the supply-chain across all your product hierarchy

Create powerful outputs at the touch of a button

HyperFinity sits at the heartbeat of your tech stack

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