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Introducing Hyper Group, a new type of agency enabling hyper-personalisation for all

By June 18, 2019May 5th, 2021Business Updates

Modern successful businesses have personalisation at their core

When you think of the most loved and successful brands in 2019, Netflix, Spotify, Airbnb and Uber are a few that spring to mind. These high growth businesses are united by their value propositions squarely focused on using data to deliver a rich, rewarding and highly personalised customer experience.

Netflix for one tailor multiple areas of the viewer experience to the individual, recommending content most likely to entertain them. They claim that the “combined effect of personalisation and recommendations save more than $1B per year.”

Personalisation for the many, not the few

At Hyper, we feel personalisation shouldn’t solely be the domain of the world’s largest, most successful companies. It should be accessible and achievable for all. We also appreciate that embarking on a personalisation journey can be daunting and even knowing where to start causing sleepless nights.

We provide the data science behind hyper-personalisation. Our strength is demystifying the subject, working hand in hand with you, guiding you through the personalisation journey and delivering practical solutions to provide both short term impact and build longer term business value.

We pride ourselves on solving complex problems using data, analytics, machine learning and technology, being nimble, pragmatic, and as should be expected from personalisation experts, 100% focused on satisfying the needs of the clients we serve.

Personalisation is not just about marketing and offers!

Personalisation is no longer about optimising offers or being intelligent with your media spend in the digital space.  It’s about curating your services and products around the customer at every touchpoint and stage of their buying journey.  The data science behind personalisation can help solve many of the key business challenges including:

  1. Range optimisation and product curation
  2. Better demand forecast at a customer level for a more efficient supply chain
  3. Real-time pricing and margin management
  4. Connected customer journeys and next best action
  5. And many more!

The business benefits of hyper-personalisation are clear. Accenture state that “91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who recognise them by name, remember their preferences, and provide them with relevant offers and recommendations”.

Speaking as avid consumers ourselves, we can vouch for that, with personalisation enabling value in areas such as:

  • Easy, fast and frictionless experiences
  • Valuable and enjoyable interactions
  • Relevant and inspiring content
  • Helpful and friendly service
  • Successful and useful consumer outcomes
  • And ultimately higher customer value and loyalty

Why now?

Ubiquitous access to the internet via smart phones and other portable devices has opened our world up to instant communication, social interaction, commerce, problem solving and entertainment, wherever and whenever we chose.  Advancements in technology have also brought a huge increase in data volumes that, when used intelligently, can be used to enhance the customer experience.

An increasing array of companies are capitalising on the opportunity this creates, however, the standard bearers in terms of consumer impact must still be considered Amazon and Google. In our droves we rely on them for our everyday needs, from asking for recipe ideas, checking health concerns and researching and buying everything from essential products to indulgent treats.

What’s the key reason we’re so addicted to using these tech behemoths? The ease and speed in how they deliver their services is more critical now than ever, and personalisation is how they deliver this. Instant gratification has become table stakes.

Don’t just take our word for it. McKinsey have estimated the total prize of personalisation to be upwards of $1.7 trillion for consumer facing brands.

Where Hyper fits in

At Hyper we solve the personalisation problem using data science and technology.  Through our solutions we enable businesses decode their customer DNA and deliver their personalisation strategies. Our solutions enable businesses to deliver relevant experiences to consumers and intelligently personalise every touchpoint across the consumer journey, be that the content they receive online, the range and price they are presented, their in-store shopping experience or an individualised treatment plan.


Hyper offers a unique lens on personalisation, having gathered decades of experience working in world leading consumer focused businesses, highly innovative software, data and insight companies and creative agency powerhouses.

Our aim is to combine extensive business strategy expertise and a deep focus on the consumer with cutting edge analytical techniques and high-performance data management software, enabling businesses to achieve their personalisation goals. To start your journey with Hyper, please use the contact details below.


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