Unify marketing decisions
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Connect your customer data and apply cutting-edge data science to power truly personalised customer experiences.

What we do and the problems we solve

Customers have an inherent need to be recognised and treated as individuals. They reward relevant, consistent, and compelling experiences by spending more and showing greater loyalty. Equally they punish generic, disjointed, uninspiring experiences by defecting to competitors. Hyper uses data science to help businesses to deliver highly personalised and relevant customer journey’s to drive increased conversion and loyalty.

Customer Insight

Unify data and insight for a 360-degree understanding of customer behaviour across all channels.

Personalised Marketing

Create bespoke customer communication decisions across the whole multi-channel journey.

Customer Experience

Create rich, relevant, memorable customer experiences that drive conversion and loyalty

Customer Insight

Uncover hidden insights about your customers and create a consistent view right across your business for intelligent marketing decisions.

Unify your data and perform detailed analytics in a single platform for a complete view of customer behaviour.

Deep customer and product analysis alongside macro and micro segmentations to identify personalised customer needs and missions.

Rich visualisations and detailed customer personas to turn data into insight into decisions.


Utilise data science, machine learning & AI to deliver truly personalised communication decisions across every point of the multi-channel customer journey.

Apply affinity analytics, attribution and customer need states to form the basis of personalisation decisions.

Deliver next best action algorithms for every customer, co-ordinated across channels, media and devices.

Seamlessly integrate decision outputs with downstream tools such as CRM, CMS and ERP systems.

Customer Experience

Deliver compelling and engaging experiences wherever a customer chooses to interact with you at any point in their journey across research, purchase and service.

Create bespoke customer experiences based on customer needs and missions across all channels.

Create experience relevancy and consistency through data intelligence leading to enhanced customer trust and loyalty.

Utilise data science to understand the major drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty and deliver truly exceptional experiences.

Create powerful customer insights and unified personalisation decisions with HyperFinity. Our user-friendly platform puts the power of data science and AI in the hands of Insight and Marketing teams.

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