Optimised Pricing & Promotion strategy
through Affinity Analytics

Spend more time negotiating and less time reviewing and reporting prices, by letting affinity based decision intelligence do the work for you.

What we do and the problems we solve

Stop using traditional models that focus on the impact of an individual price move on an individual item. Affinity analytics uncovers the relationship between customers, product, and prices to drive intelligent pricing and promotional decisions aligned to your customer needs.

Intelligent Pricing

Utilise affinity analytics to uncover the impact of price on demand across related products and customers to make smarter pricing decisions.

Effective Promotions

Maximise ROI on promotions through optimised deals on products that won’t cannibalise each other’s sales.

Increased Margins

Drive volume, minimise markdown and increase margin through intelligent demand-based pricing.

Intelligent Pricing

Organise your range and pricing around customer needs. Align your products and pricing tiers to the types of customers shopping them, creating clear space and right sizing ranges based on data science.

Affinity based price optimisation across all your tiers and hierarchy.

Understand detailed price and cross elasticity across all ranges for more intelligent demand-based decision making.

Simulate and forecast endless what-if? pricing scenarios across every category.

Effective Promotions

Leverage intelligent affinity based algorithms to recommend the right mechanic and the right discount for each product. Build your promotional campaigns product by product to maximise ROI, and minimise cannibalisation.

Identify the optimal mechanic and discount for each product.

Understand promo demand transference across customer need states to maximise reach and minimise cannibalisation.

Personalised promotion mechanics to get the right price for the right product in front of every customer.

Increased Margin

Optimise margin and reduce waste through effective yield management across every single product within every customer need-state.

Intelligent markdown through decision intelligence.

Real-time price optimisation through effective yield management.

Forecast commercial scenario's more accurately by understanding product affinities, cross-demand and the impact of pricing & promo.

Leverage cutting-edge technology and affinity analytics to put your customer at the heart of every pricing decision with

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